Villa Evida / Villa Luca

Luxury villas, Quiet location, An unforgettable vacation

Welcome to villas Evida - Luca

A new vision of vacation

Just a few kilometers from Porec and the beautiful Adriatic Sea are the villas Luca and Evida.
We invite you to explore and enjoy our accommodation and the unforgettable nature of this enchanting region. This is the perfect destination to stay and discover the authentic side of Istria, so why not stay in one of our villas?

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Luxury and comfort

Our beautiful accommodation with private pools, a large garden outside and stunning minimalist modern decor inside offers the perfect holiday for you and your loved ones to relax and create unforgettable moments together.

Villa Luca

Welcome to Villa Luca, a soothing holiday in nature. An ideal place for all those looking for an authentic and true Mediterranean vacation.

6+2 3 192 m2

Villa Evida

Welcome to Villa Evida, a peaceful oasis immersed in nature. The villa radiates strong energy from its beautiful and unpolluted environment.

6+2 3 192 m2

City and culture

City of Poreč

Poreč is a perfect base for exploring the Istrian peninsula, because it has a good balance of nightlife, family activities, sports, beaches and hotels.

Sea and coast

Adriatic sea and beaches

The beaches in and around the city are also typically idyllic. The crystal clear sea is what the Adriatic Sea is so famous for, and there is plenty of that in this area.

An unforgettable vacation

Explore Istria

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History and sights

This ancient and historic old town of Poreč, almost 2000 years old, has a lot to offer to everyone who visits it. Remains of ancient sites can be found throughout the city.
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Nature and Recreation

Mediterranean nature and lush vegetation thanks to the natural wealth, clean air and sea represent Poreč as a unique holiday destination.


Find top restaurants in Istria and surprise your palate with real local cuisine prepared in a traditional or modern way.